Thursday, April 2, 2009

United Tour

This was not a concert.... it was an incredible night of praise and worship led by two very talented and holy men.

The Allen Theater was filled with the Holy Spirit as Steven shared of his broken heart and the hope we have in Jesus Christ. This life is hard, but God is Good. He's got us and will never let go. When it becomes unbearable, He carries us. This servant of Christ is still hurting deeply from the tragic loss of his precious daughter Maria Sue. And he will for a long time. But God will be there, holding him, carrying him, loving him. Beauty will come from the ashes because God is good, all the time and All the time, God is good!

The Holy Spirit moved as Michael led us in an incredible worship experience. Jim Houser, SCC's manager, said on his blog, "I can't imagine King David led worship any better than Michael W Smith does. I'm looking forward to that co-lead..." Yeah, me too. MWS was moved to do, Here I Am to Worship, which wasn't on the set list and for me, it was one of the high-points of the night. He started in the middle of the song..."And I'll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that cross"....and sang it over and over. I love those moments in worship when you repeat the best part of the song and you can just lose yourself in the moment. The Holy Spirit moves through you and speaks to the deepest part of your soul. There were many other moments like this through out the night. These aren't moments that you can plan. These are God moments where the Holy Spirit leads and you follow. I crave moments like this. And you know what? I think they are all around us, happening more often than we realize. We just need to open our eyes and watch for them. God is always at work in our heart and our lives.

Here's a fun little tidbit: Just as we were pulling into the parking garage before the concert, who did we see hanging out, skateboarding in the street behind the Allen Theater? One Caleb Chapman. How cool is that? Lesson of the day - always have your camera at the ready! Although, he might not have liked that so much. He's trying to get some fresh air and enjoy a few moments of peace before the concert and here comes the crazy fan snapping pictures.

Now I just need to figure out how to get to Baltimore for tonight's concert... I still need to hear You Are Holy and Forever.

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