Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ahoy there, Matey!

Some things in life are becoming easier. For example, I used to D-R-E-A-D trips to the store with all 4 kids tagging along. Let's just say we have provided entertainment for many a fellow shopper over the last few years. Today, as I was strolling through Marc's with all 4 kiddos, I thought to myself how peaceful this outing was. Everyone was behaving and cooperating and there was minimal whining and I don't believe any tears were shed! As we were checking out, Emily started pointing and saying, "Parrot! Parrot! Parrot!" Now, they used to have birds at Marc's but that was ages ago. I looked around for a picture or stuffed animal of some sort, but what I saw instead was a man in the next aisle (oh, about 4 feet away from us) with an eye patch. She kept getting louder and louder with more intensity as her pointing finger followed the man as he walked right passed us to leave the store. And then I realized she was not saying, "Parrot," but "Pirate"!!!!!! I don't know if she's been watching the news when I'm not looking or what but my baby girl was seriously concerned about this pirate being so close. Even after "the pirate" had left the store she kept saying, "Mommy, pirate! Mommy, pirate!" Rachel reassured her that "There's no such thing as pirates!" Obviously, Rachel hasn't been watching the news!

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