Saturday, April 18, 2009


Yesterday we traveled to "Dreamsville" more commonly known as Dennison, Ohio to see the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum. This small village lies halfway between Columbus and Pittsburgh, exactly 100 miles in either direction because a steam engine could only travel 100 miles before needing to take on water.
During war times a million and a half G.I.s were served free coffee and food by volunteers at the Salvation Army Service Men's Canteen.
This isn't your typical museum. Part of the museum is housed in five railroad coaches and the kids are allowed to touch, play and climb on everything.

Purchase a ticket

Sleep on a Pullman Bunk

Fix a gourmet meal

It's hard work!
Many presidents rode on the trains and we got to try on their hats...

...and make presidential speeches with a working microphone while watching a real TV monitor. I think campaign promises were made such as, "Cupcakes everyday for everyone!"

We even learned about hobos.

They used "hobo code" to communicate with each other on trees.
Look at these down-on-your-luck hobos I spotted, about to eat their hobo-lunches on this beautifully sunny, 64 degree day.

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kattepusen said...

Your kids look very happy! I hope you have a good time. :)
Love fro, norway