Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh that wasckly wabbit!

Well, you'll never believe what that Easter Bunny pulled this year at the Carpenter house!

Exhibit A

Sarah was the first to spot a hidden basket on top of the entertainment center. Coincidentally, it was hers!

Exhibit B

Rachel found her basket in the foyer closet.

Exhibit C

Rachel found another basket on top of the tv in our bedroom. This one belonged to Emily.

Exhibit D

After about 30 minutes of searching high and searching low Rachel found the last basket inside the dryer. Not a minute too soon... Benjamin was becoming a little worried, thinking that maybe the bunny thought he was too old for a basket of goodies.

All baskets found. All is good.

But wait.... usually there are lots of hidden eggs to be found. Benjamin glanced outside to check on the bird feeder and what to his wondering eyes should appear? No, not reindeer but a yard full of eggs. That bunny hid the eggs OUTSIDE this year.

Yes, I sent them outside in their PJs in the freeeeeezing 30 degree morning to collect their eggs.

Fun times, fun times.

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