Friday, April 10, 2009

Another great field trip

Alpacas are one of God's beautiful creatures. Their gentle nature, tranquil temperament, luxurious fiber and calming humming sounds make you want to bring a few home. Today we visited Full Tilt Alpaca Farm. We were able to pet, feed, walk, hug and even kiss them on the lips if we so desired. They were so loving with the owner but a little on the shy side with us. That is until we were holding carrots in our hands. Then we were quickly surrounded with sweetness.

Rachel wasn't too sure about getting up close and personal but she did a great job walking her friend on the lead.

Benjamin was great with them too.

And I think I found the solution for my freezing feet... alpaca socks! But at $20 a pair I decided I better wait and think about it. They were reversable so it would be like getting two pairs, right? What feet wouldn't be toasty warm and happy in socks like that? It might be just what I need to survive another winter in Cleveland!

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