Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Double Triple and a Triple Triple

Do you know what you're looking at?

That's my boy about to hit a double triple, as he likes to call it. That means he made it to second base with 3 RBIs. Wooohoooo!!!!

Today, at the Championship game, he hit a triple triple - made it to third base with 3 RBIs. This momma couldn't be more proud! Benjamin's team finished the season today in second place and what a nail biter of a game it was. I loved watching the boys play this year. It gets more and more exciting each year as they progress and grow and learn more about the game.

His little sisters even got into it, rooting for him and cheering him on to victory!

Or, maybe they're just into it for the end-of-the-season ice cream treats!


momtofivekids said...

I love baseball! I have one son who plays-his team made it to the championship game, too. Congrats to your son!

Machelle said...

Mom would have loved to cheer Ben on in his games. She LOVED baseball AND little boys!!