Sunday, August 16, 2009

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...

If you take your kids to grandma's house for a birthday celebration they are going to want to eat.

If they eat a good dinner they will want to sing Happy 20th Birthday to cousin Christina and have cake and ice cream.

After scarfing down eating cake and ice cream they will want to venture outside (in the 90 degree heat) to play kickball.

While rounding 1st base on the way to 2nd they will spot a pile of mulch/dirt and feel the need to dig in it like a squirrel hiding acorns. Because they are sticky with sweat the mulch/dirt will cling to their bodies and become a second layer of skin.

Next, they will decide to have a grand old time with the "Crazy Daisy" which wildly squirts water every which way.

If you let them run through the Crazy Daisy sprinkler eventually all of their clothes are going to come off and sit in a sopping wet pile while they continue to run through the sprinkler, now naked.

If you let your children get sticky with sweat, grimy with mulch and dirt and then soaked in a sprinkler the next stop is going to be the bathtub. Three chicas in a tub... how sweet.

After the little ones are bathed and have clean clothes on they will smell so delicious you will smother them in kisses.

Occasionally, you will check on the older children (who are also sweaty, dirty and soaking wet - have no extra clothes to change into at grandma's house and thus are not allowed inside) and tell them to keep having fun on the glider on grandma's front porch. Uncle Pat will take pity on them and come to the rescue with drinks!

Someone will spot the birthday presents and remember that this is Nixtina's Christina's party.

After she opens her fabulous presents and cards we will want birthday cake and ice cream (again).

If we eat cake and ice cream we will realize that we should have had leftover chicken and rice for supper. And you know what happens after our tummies are full. Yep, those clean kids want to head back outside to play.

But the mean mommy snatches them up, puts them in the van and they are asleep before you reach the end of the street!

(Don't you just hate it when you have a perfectly fabulous day and you FORGET your camera!!!!! Hopefully, I will be able to get a hold of some pictures to add to this post soon.)

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Melissa S said...

Oh I love this Kim! You are an author in the making :)