Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sarah!

It's hard to believe my little Sarah Bear is 4 years old already. She is so precious to us. She was our answered prayer 16 months after Joshua went to be with Jesus. Sometimes her milestones are bittersweet for me because I think of how Joshua never got to do that particular thing.

Sarah is a lefty, and I've always thought left-handed people were unique. She is our quietest, calmest child - as long as things are going her way that is. She doesn't show her temper often but when she does - WATCH OUT. Run for your life, take cover and most importantly use ear plugs. I joke that she would make a good "only child". She likes for things to be her way and her requests aren't all that unreasonable, it's just that with 4 kids, it can't always be your way.

Sarah is the only one of our kids to have a night-night blankie that rarely leaves her side. I remember how she used to hold her socks or her dirty bib up to her nose and it would comfort her. That's when I knew I needed to get her a special blankie. I would have bought 2 identical blankies had I known just how special it would become. She's also the only one to suck her fingers - the first three fingers on her left hand. Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. She promised her daddy she would stop sucking her fingers when she turned four. *ahem* That didn't go so well.

Sarah was our earliest and easiest to potty train. I remember physically holding her on the potty chair while she screamed (quite loudly) and cried. I was sure I was going to emotionally scar her for life. However, once she figured it out there was no looking back:) She never needed pullups at night and she can hold it f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

Sarah is sweet, cute, loving, shy, smart and absolutely adores her siblings. She loves to sing, play the piano (thanks to grandma's lessons), play barbies, dolls, house, play dough, read, puzzles and my favorite snuggle. She likes kisses on the cheek, but no lips!!!! (except for the minstrel boy statue in my parent's living room)

Sarah's funny words -> ska-betty, pit, I'll be the mom and you be the swee-T, and milkies.

You are one-in-a-million and I love you to pieces my little Sarah Bear!

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