Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All is well

1. Sarah's night night has been found after being MIA for 24 hours.

2. The hermit crab is not dead, just molting. Or at least we think that is what's happening. Our more active crab has been sitting in the exact same spot for days. When I came downstairs tonight after getting everyone tucked in, Steve had it in a plastic baggie with several broken off pieces? legs? He said, "It's dead." When I presented the possibility that it might be molting he decided to put it back in the tank and we called Benjamin and Rachel down to assess the situation. Since we don't smell any "stink" yet we're going with the molting thing. Benjamin, our resident hermit crab expert, says we need to move it to an isolation tank and put the "pieces" of legs and whatnot with it so it can eat it and regain calcium or something like that. In the words of Benjamin, "This is a great day!"

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