Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm always saying, "Systems, we need systems!" You know. Just a little order and some routines to help control the chaos of the Carpenter household. I would love for things to happen efficiently and in a timely manner. Things like dishes, laundry, recharging batteries (for my camera that seems to need fresh batteries after every two pictures), the assigning, doing, grading and storing of school work. You get the picture.

Well, Rachel took matters into her own hands and devised a system to keep her little sisters out of her room. They love to sneak in there and play with all of big sister's treasures. I gave Rachel permission to lock her door to keep them out but so far this system seems to be working just as well. Here, take a closer look...

The sign says, "Pull on Doll". Meaning the tiny,bald princess at the top who is connected to a string that is connected to some sort of contraption on the other side of the door that alerts Rachel when visitors have arrived.

This is what you see when you "Pull on Doll".
If you ask, "What are you doing?", this is what you will see. More lovely hair dos!

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