Friday, January 9, 2009

Press 1 for pain, 2 for throw-up burps and 3 for heartburn

Everything went well with Rachel's endoscopy yesterday. She came home with an impedance probe which wasn't exactly fun. She loved pressing the buttons on the attached computer every time she changed positions or activities but having a tube down your throat while trying to eat and drink was the pits. But she was a trooper and we returned today to have the tube removed. It was out before we could bat an eyelash and we were on our way home without having to pay for parking (it was THAT fast)! Her sleep schedule is rather mixed up now and so I'm hoping to get her back on track tonight, the night owl that she is! She slept the day away yesterday and then proceeded to stay up until 3:00 AM at which point I forced her to close her eyes. We go back to get the results of all these lovely tests next Thursday. Hopefully, we'll have some answers and solutions soon!

Earlier in the week Benjamin snuck up to his room and made Rachel a Get Well card that I was instructed to give her a couple minutes after she woke up from the procedure. The "You Go Girl" statement in the card made me chuckle. I gave the card to Rachel while we were waiting for an x-ray and she was quite touched by it and immediately asked for paper to make a Thank You card for him. Unfortunately I didn't have card-making supplies on hand and I think she was still a little out of it from the anesthesia anyways. The love and concern between siblings made my heart melt. They truly do love each other.

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