Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yippee Yi Yay

Last Monday I was privileged to accompany Emily on her very first preschool field trip. She was very excited and for several days prior told anyone who would listen that she was going to the “big farm to see the animals.” We visited Spring Mist Farm in Brunswick and it was a dream come true (she got to ride a pony) and a little disappointing (there were no dragons) all at the same time.

Not only did she get to ride Cinnamon, but she was the very first rider! She was a little unsure when “Uncle Dave and Uncle Norm” plopped her down in the saddle but she quickly recovered and has been wearing her cowgirl boots ever since. Yes, even to bed when I let her.

Uncle Dave also helped her pet the lamb along with many other animals.

Emily helped to feed a bottle to a calf and

Uncle Dave fed a bottle to a 14 month old “Campbell” as Emily called it.

The wagon ride was fun and Emily was sure we were off to see the dragons at long last!

“I think I might see one over there….”

The trip ended with a rice crispy treat.

Oooo la la.... Life is good!

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