Monday, October 26, 2009

Sarah's Field Trip

A couple weeks ago I went to the Brecksville Nature Center with Sarah and her preschool class. They learned how to identify different birds such as chickadees, woodpeckers, owls and hawks.

There are several bird feeders outside the big window and we were able to sit very still and watch many different kinds of birds feeding.
We took a short hike where one of the preschoolers spotted a beautiful butterfly on the ground. He was standing pretty close, bent over, watching intently when one of the adults walked by and... you guessed it. CRUNCH. Wow! We certainly weren't expecting that! Surprisingly, he didn't get too upset. Without skipping a beat the teacher scooped up the remains on to a leaf and under her breath said, "Well, at least now they'll get to see one up close!" And that we did! Never mind the gooey stuff coming out of the butterfly.

We learned how the ants live inside the trees and the woodpeckers make holes in the trees while trying to feed on those ants and other insects. Next, along comes the chickadee to live in the hole made by the woodpecker. We were able to spot many holes in the trees as we looked more carefully and we wondered who might use the holes for shelter.

It is indeed a marvelous and amazing circle of life our great God created!
(And, I have no idea whose crying child that is third from the right.)

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