Sunday, May 10, 2009

Memorable Mother's Day Math in May

Since July of 1998 I have been

  • pregnant for 47 months
  • nursing for 46 months
  • pregnant and nursing simultaneously for 7 months
    • I was pregnant and or nursing for 85 out of 112 months.

      I changed diapers for 103 months. I changed diapers for 2 babies simultaneously for 53 of those months.

      What has this produced?

      • 10 year old boy
      • 8 year old girl
      • 4 year old girl
      • 2 year old girl
      • 2 angels in heaven

      What does this mean?

      • I loved being pregnant.
      • I loved having babies.
      • I loved nursing them.

      And now

      • I love staying at home with my children.
      • I love homeschooling my children.
      • I love watching them grow and learn new things.
      • I love to hear them laugh and sing and play.
      • I miss my babies that are in heaven and my heart aches for them still. But I know they are safe in Jesus' arms and I WILL hold them again.

      I guess I just LOVE my kids and LOVE being a MOM!

      God has blessed us immensely.

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