Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I need some Scotch

My four year old is a tapir.

No.... not that kind of tapir.

She's a taper, meaning she LOVES to tape. She consistently finds and uses LARGE amounts of tape for just about anything. I know all kids are fascinated with tape, but she is especially fond of the enticing adhesive. So I have tried to brainwash convince her that Mommy is the taper in this family. She is not a taper! Maybe if tape (or money for that matter) grew on trees I could let her indulge on a regular basis. But I mean seriously. She can go through a whole roll of tape in a matter of minutes!

While driving home from preschool the other day I was admiring her latest art projects (while stopped at red lights, of course) and I reminded her that she's NOT a taper! Mommy's the taper in this family. She looked at me with this clever little smile and said, "I'm a glue-stick-girl!"

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Cristy said...

I just found your blog through Not-Me-Mondays on My Charming Kids--- and HAD to comment. My 7 year old is a taper too! And we don't have a money/tape tree, either! (wonder where we could find one of those!) I'll have to steal your line about being the family taper... maybe THAT will work! hahaha!