Sunday, May 10, 2009

Deep In Love With You

I heard this song by Michael W. Smith a little over a month ago when Steve and I went to see the United Tour. It has quickly become one of my favorites and I listen to it many times each day. That is, when I have possession of the CD. I love the music, but more importantly, the words touch me every time I hear them. When I listened to MWS sing this at the Allen Theater on April 1st it was powerful. I don't think Michael even knew we were there; he sang his heart out to his Abba Father. I could feel the amazing love he has for his Heavenly Father and I wanted that too. I wanted to be Deep In Love with Jesus. I wanted to have that "deep desire burning like a fire to know him as my closest friend."

That's what Jesus wants too... for us to be Deep In Love with him, to be our closest friend, to never have to search again. He will be our Everything, if only we'll seek Him. He wants to have a relationship with us. It doesn't matter if we've been attending church regularly wearing our Sunday best, taking Communion, singing the hymns and reciting the prayers. Not that there is anything wrong with those things. They are all good and pleasing to God. But I think what He also and more importantly wants is to be in a personal relationship with us - for us to talk with him and read his word in the Bible. He wants us to be still before Him so that he can fill us with his Holy Spirit and speak to us. He wants us to spend time with him and to feel like "we're at home" when we are with Him.

Sitting at Your feet is where I want to be
I'm home when I am here with You
Ruined by Your grace, enamored by Your gaze
I can't resist the tenderness of You

I'm deep in love with You, Abba Father
I'm deep in love with You, Lord
My heart, it beats for You, precious Jesus
I'm deep in love with You, Lord

Humbled and amazed that You would call my name
I never have to search again
There's a deep desire that's burning like a fire
To know You as my closest friend

Lord, my Redeemer, Your blood runs through my veins
My love for You is deeper than it was yesterday
I enter through the curtain, parted by Your grace
Oh, you're the lover of my soul

Click here to listen and watch MWS in action. I just love, LOVE, LOVE this song.

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