Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

Aaaaaahhhh...... We've survived yet another Christmas Holiday. Just like every other year I am vowing to NEVER get that behind again. Only 2 hours of sleep does not allow me to enjoy Christmas Day the way I should. Don't get me wrong it was a FABULOUS day, however a few more hours of sleep the night before would have been a good thing. Seriously though, I do want to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas next year and let go of the hectic, busy schedule and unnecessary stress that just seems to get worse and more intense each year. I don't want to have the attitude of "surviving Christmas".
I enjoyed having my side of the family spend the day here at our house eating and playing and opening presents. The Contemporary Service on Christmas Eve was amazing. I love this style of worship and hope many others will come to Good Shepherd to check it out so they too can learn of God's very real and powerful love.
Today was spent playing, relaxing and cleaning up a bit. Rachel has a fever and is camped out on the couch. I sure hope this isn't going to circulate through the whole clan like I know it is. We just got finished being sick like a week ago. Maybe we just need to move to Florida. I could use some good old FL sun right about now!

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